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Coaching and Counseling

Following our initial consultation we will tailor appointments based on your individual needs. Topics can range from "How do I find out what I want to be when I grow up?" to "I just had an interview and I need feedback." to "Help, I didn't get the promotion I thought I was going to get!". Our appointments can be in person or over the telephone, whichever best accommodates you. In between scheduled appointments questions and comments are responded to via e-mail.
Traditional face-to-face appointments

Job Search / Job Development

When you're busy with daily events at work and home, it can be difficult to visualize how the world is moving, where new opportunities may exist, or how important your learned skills might be to other fields and new markets. My job is to offer a global perspective of market, technology, and economic trends that will best assist your search for new opportunities, or a new niche for your current skills and experience.

Powerful R¡¦sum¡¦s

A powerful r¡¦sum¡¦ is a key element in an effective job search. Just as important is the quality of your cover letter. The right "thank you" letter helps "cinch the deal." We can also provide you with the tools and resources you need to identify, target, and capture your market.
Cover Letters
Thank You Letters

R¡¦sum¡¦ Doctor

You've spent a lot of time and/or your hard-earned money creating a r¡¦sum¡¦ but . "Do you have a winning r¡¦sum¡¦?" The Resume Doctor will give you that answer.
Free r¡¦sum¡¦ critiquing


Career Avenues is happy to schedule presentations for both small and large groups. You can make your selection from our Specialty Workshops listing or request a workshop customized to your organizational needs.
Interviewing Skills and Salary Negotiations
Occupational Research and Assessments
Labor Market Research
Training Options

Speaker Services

Career Avenues will provide customized Speaker Services for your business, school, or job club.
Motivation, Information, Resources

*Free or reduced rates are available for Speaker Services and Workshops.
Contact us for eligibility requirements.

'Life is a collage of opportunities and situations ... '

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Career Coaching is an Investment in yourself!
By using the resources of
Judy Gillespie, the experience and the wealth of knowledge that she offers, your new career may be closer than you think!

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